Sometimes the best descriptions of the doctors are seen in the pictures they draw. 

Dr Think Right


Dr Think Right lives in a fairly organised house. In his clean, tidy kitchen, you will find that everything is clearly labelled.

In his lounge room, he has a big comfortable chair and a wall that is filled with books.

Dr Think Right also loves listening to all sorts of music.

The walls in Dr Think Rights’ house are covered with beautiful pieces of artwork that come from different countries from all over the world. There are also sculptures and wood carvings.

Dr Think Right is very good at telling stories and he loves to share a joke, a puzzle or a riddle with you.

Dr Inhale Exhale


Dr Inhale Exhale loves the great outdoors.

He loves to stand tall and breathe in fresh, clean air.

He will spend hours just watching the movement of the trees and listening to the birds sing. You may hear him whistling softly also.

Dr Inhale Exhale can’t stop himself from examining people’s posture.

He helps children to calm down by breathing deeply when they are upset.

Dr Gastro Nomical


Dr Gastro Nomical likes to juggle food when he is in a happy mood, which is most of the time.

‘Children munch delicious fruit and vegetables’ is Dr Gastro’s special saying. He teaches it to students to help them remember the 5 food groups. C for cereal, M for meat, D for dairy and you already have the 'fruit and vegetables'.

Dr Gastro Nomical loves talking about food, growing food, cooking food and eating food. Do you?

He says that you should 'chew your food until it is like baby food.'

Dr UV Ray


Dr UV Ray loves sunshine.

She reads the paper and checks the UV index each day.

Dr UV Ray always practices the SunSmart rules. Slip on a shirt, slop on some cream and slap on a hat. She wears sunnies, looks for shade and always carries a water bottle with her.

She enjoys relaxing on her banana lounge under the shade of a Frangipani trees.

Dr UV Ray loves reading books that have happy endings.

Dr Hydrop Therapy


Dr Hydrop Therapy loves swimming, watering her plants, walking in the rain and looking for rainbows.

Dr Hydrop Therapy loves telling everyone that the body is made up mostly of water.

She always carries her water bottle with her wherever she goes.

“Wash your hands before you eat” Who said that? Do you know?

Dr Vi Tality


Dr Vi Tality loves to sing and dance; wear cool clothing and spend time with friendly people.

Everyday she likes to do physical activities that involve ‘stretching, puffing and building stronger muscles’.

She is a great team player.

Dr Vi Tality loves her dog ‘Letsgo’. She likes to take him for a run with her every day.

Dr Zizz


Dr Zizz loves to sleep in a room where there is fresh air.

At other times he just likes to practice relaxing or doing his latest hobby.

He really likes pets. He says that they are funny and that they help him relax.

At night time Dr Zizz loves to lie in his bed and look around his room at all the things that make him feel special. Not for long though…..because he usually falls asleep fairly quickly.

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