Prof Lee Kennedy

Professor Lee Kennedy, Head of the Medical School at Deakin University, says,

“With obesity and diabetes emerging in our populations, increasingly and alarmingly amongst younger ages, we desperately need educational interventions that work and are acceptable to children and adolescents. I have witnessed the 7NPs being delivered in local schools and had the pleasure of seeing how the key health messages are delivered and presented in and entertaining and digestible format.”



Patch Adams

Dr Patch Adams, Medical doctor; Clown; Performer; Social Activist; Founder and Director of the Gesundheit Institute, a holistic medical community, says

"I am so tickled that your educational work thrives. Keep infecting people with your exuberance."


Ann Sims, Registered Nurse, says,

“Dr Inhale Exhale gets my full attention. Particularly in the stand against the health ravages of tobacco smoking, the number one cause of Indigenous deaths, where the governments are focused on closing the Gap. This natural physician can make youngsters aware of the impact of passive smoking. I fully support and wish to promote the 7NPs to anyone involved in health promotion. ‘Leaders know the way, go the way and show the way.’ Trish has successfully done this. Congratulations."

Sharon Cataldo, Teacher, Curriculum Co-ordinator  says,

“Our current health curriculum tends to be presented to students in a series of segments. The 7NPs links all areas together in a simple manner and shows how one area impacts another.”

Glen Father of six children says,

There are lots of health issues and problems that we can look to the doctors for finding practical ways to help solve or avoid the problems. When there is an issue I usually say, ‘Which Dr do you think would have the most to say about that health issue?’ I also say ‘Remeber, you can’t just talk to just one doctor, like Dr Zizz ….otherwise you would just sleep your life away. You can’t just talk to the exercise doctor…you have to talk to them all.’

As a parent I think it is great that children bring home health information from such a wide range of sources like the Australian Guide for Healthy Eating, Find your 30, Harold the giraffe and the Healthy Eating Van that comes to the school. But I do find that the information is very segmented and students don’t get the big picture message. The advantage of the 7NPs system is that when you have a goal of health and wellbeing, it always brings it back to the big picture. The program is extremely useful as it provides a structure for how everything relates and ultimately ties together.”

Children love the doctor’s quirky sense of humour. 

Students who have learnt about the 7NPs at school said,

"When I am sad I think of the doctors."

"I need all the doctors to complete my happy life and I felt much better after this unit."

"It is a unit I will never forget."

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