Trish and Rob Thomas - The 7NP's Fa-silly-tators

Trish and Rob Thomas believe that learning about health should be fun. They believe that clowning is a deliriously infectious way to impart important healthcare messages. They share a love of the arts. Trish plays the piano and guitar and is a singer-songwriter. Rob plays the flute and tin whistle and has always entertained family, friends and the masses with his witty character impersonations.

Vision: To see the 7NPs marching playfully into villages, towns, suburbs, cities all over the world and delighting children, inspiring adults and motivating everyone to live happy, healthy, helpful, successful lives.

Mission Statement: To inspire individuals to live intelligent, creative, artistic, passionate, compassionate lives and in doing so achieve their desired health goals.

Teacher and Naturopath

Trish & Rob Thomas

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