SPECIAL OFFER 2017! - 7NPs supports teachers, healthcare workers and non-for-profit organisations.

Teachers have identified the 7NPs posters as a highly effective tool for promoting a holistic approach to behaviour management in their classrooms. 

A wide range of 7NPs teacher support resources are available for individuals and community groups aiming to help raise the level of health and wellbeing of young families. Please contact Trish  

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7NPs Managing my Emotions
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When children are challenged emotionally Dr Think Right says, "Got a problem? We are going to talk about it but first let's check with the other physicians." This approach helps children to become aware that their emotional health and wellbeing is directly linked to their physical health and wellbeing. Available in A2 or A3 sizes.

7NPs Pie Chart
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This laminated visual helps the children see the interconnected relationship between each of the 7NPs. It is easy to appreciate that you have to attend to all 7NPs on a daily basis.

7NPs Simple Messages Poster
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7NPs Simple Messages poster features the 7 icons that are reminders of the 7 natural health elements highlighted in the 7NPs program.
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