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SPECIAL OFFER 2017! - 7NPs supports teachers, healthcare workers and non-for-profit organisations.

There are a range of additional fun, colourful 7NPs products that you can use in the delivery of your 7NPs program.

A wide range of 7NPs teacher support resources are available for individuals and community groups aiming to help raise the level of health and wellbeing of young families. Please contact Trish  

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7NPs Large Floor Mat
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The 7NPs Floor Mat is 1.2 metres and is made of a durable plastic that can be folded and stored easily. It has been used to hang as a back drop in the classroom. However, it is most commonly used in conjunction with the 7NPs bean bags. The children throw a 7NPs bean bag onto the mat aiming for its matching icon.

7NPs Bean bags
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7 x Material bean bags, filled with plastic pellets and low allergy soft toy stuffing

7NPs Puzzle Box
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7NPs wooden Puzzle Box has 8 compartments and comes with a puzzle board with drop through puzzle pieces. Each puzzle box comes with a set of snap cards.
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